Fall 2011 is HERE, and I am so excited about what all that means.  Several weeks ago, I accepted a position at Texas Christian University as their new Instructor in French Horn.  Classes started last Monday, and it has been a non-stop flurry of eager students, excited faculty, and an energized music building buzzing with the renewed commitment to strive for excellence in music performance and education.  The School of Music kicked off the semester on Wednesday with its annual convocation, and I was honored to share the performance stage with my new colleagues, Dr. Jon Burgess (trumpet), Richard Murrow (tuba), and David Begnoche (trombone) in addition to graduate student Colt Worley (trumpet) as we performed Scheidt’s Bergamasca and Vals Peruano by Crespo….the Vals is a movement within a larger Suite by Crespo that we will be performing on September 30, 2011 for TCU’s Latin American Music Festival.  That concert starts at 7pm and promises to be a great night full of Brazilian Brass Quintet music and MUCH more!!  The Convocation performance was my inaugural performance at TCU as their new Horn teacher.  Needless to say, it was a big day!  Lessons with my new students are under way, and I hope to learn as much from them as they do from me.  On another note, I love that the TCU mascot is not just any old frog, but it is a HORNed FROG- GO FROGS!!!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July!  It has been a great, but long day of music making and celebrating.  Thank you to all who came to the Plano Symphony Patriotic Pops concert this afternoon at the Eisemann.  The PSO sold out the hall for this concert which is a great achievement for the orchestral world.  Thank goodness there are still plenty of people who enjoy going to hear live music in a great venue.  After a little break, I headed out to the brand new Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas for the Irving Symphony Orchestra’s 4th of July celebration.  The crowd was great there as well.  I love seeing the great people of our country join together to celebrate our freedom through music and fireworks.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t take pictures.  That’s a story for another time, I suppose…  I am now dedicating the remainder of this evening to unlocking the mysteries of creating a website.  I will probably need some help, so bear with me!  Thanks for stopping by.